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Ask a Doctor!

Any information provided by does not replace evaluation, treatment or recommendation from a dentist or other qualified healthcare professional. An immediate response may not be provided. or any entity associated with it accepts no liability related to any information provided.

What is cause of healthy 50 yr old to have grey teeth? Is this a danger beyond embarrashment.

The cause it hard to tell without an examination.  Many times it can be related to tetracycline staining from medications given to you as a child.  Another possibility could be dietary and wear staining.  You must see your dentist for proper treatment.

I'm getting a root canal, Tell Me, Do you get the tooth extracted as the result? Can You eat normally right after?

The tooth is not extracted to have a root canal.  You should be able to eat softer foods.  The tooth will likely be a little sore.

What is tooth resorption and why it can not be treated?

Tooth resorption can occur for no apparent reason.  It cannot be affectively treated because it continues to recur.  With so little tissue available in a tooth, the most appropiate treatment is typically extraction.

Will my tooth grow back after it falls for the second time?

No, permanent teeth do not grow back.  You should see your dentist to take the proper x-rays and to be sure.

In March 2013 I required work done on a tooth and needed a needle. It left me in excruciating pain for 4 - 5 month It affected my neck, chin. ears...

One can become allergic to medications at any time. The numbing medication can also react with other medications you may be taking.  Be sure to research your current medications.  You may want to be sure to document what type of numbing medicine your dentist used, and have them...

I had an implant put in and the tooth that was added has fallen out twice. Is that normal. I have at least 4 other implants and this has never...

Each implant has its own set of circumstances.  It sounds like it may not be so much the implant as it is the crown.  You may need to change the type of crown used so the crown actually screws into the implant, if it does not now.

Hi. I'm a 32 yr old female who a few years ago moved to mx while there I "chipped" my #17 Molar while. I didn't go to the detist...

You problem is very difficult to answer without seeing you personally.  I would have to trust you local dentist on their recommendation.  What I will say is that if the tooth with the issue is #17, I would not typically adivse for one to have a root canal because those can be...

I went yesterday to have 2 temporary crowns put on. One on each side of my lower jaw. One side feels fine but the other side is painful and still...

These symptoms can last for hours, days, weeks or months.  The numbness typically resolves over time.  If it does not, you should go back to your dentist.  They may want to prescribe you something to help the nerves recover.

my back tooth fell out yesterday- I have what feels like string in my mouth, I am wondering if those are my nerves and if they will just fall out and...

It is likely the tissue that should heal on its own, but you should see a dentist to keep this from happening.

what should a person eat who has five upper teeth taken day before. who takes insulin

Keep to a soft diet for a week or so.  Things like yogurt, ice cream, mashed potatoes, and Ensure.